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Shotgun Shells

We source a wide variety of shotguns.

We also offer an individualized gun-set up and training service for beginners to expert shotgun enthusiasts. 

Let us know what you are looking for and our World Champion shotgun shooter, Tim Hubner, will give you a call to discuss options. 

We offer a bespoke, individualized sourcing service to find you exactly what you want within your price range and to suit your specific needs. 

Tim also offers a unique service of fitting and setting up our shotgun when you receive it. 

Coaching Services

Book a training session with former World Champion in FITASC-Compak Sporting,  Tim Hubner. Whether you're just staring in shotgun shooting, if you're a weekend worrier trying to better your score or if you're a competitive shooter trying to improve your placement. Tim can help you achieve your shooting goal! Contact us to enquire about our coaching services and costs. Alernatively, see PDF brochure attached below.  

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